MK78 Bio Bryan Sharper true calling throughout his life has been as an artist He has been a tattoo artist, owned an operated an airbrush shop, and a producer of ancient sacred geometric art. While also performing as a rapper/poet throughout this time period, he recently re dedicated his time and talent to becoming a full time musical artist.

His musical development can be described as “From Murda to Malcom”. The change can be likened to the change that Malcolm X to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. Bryan started his musical career as Murda Kase, full of spit and vinegar and saturated with the hardcore street experience growing up in Youngstown, Ohio a.k.a. Murdertown U.S.A. a.k.a Little Chicago. With songs like Respect my Gangster, Shotz, and The Game, he was raw and straight forward in his lyrical presentation while simultaneously searching for the heart and soul of a beat and adding melodies and hooks to create a unique feel. As Murda Kase, His resume reads as follows: Performed and/or collaborated with Young Buck, Yuk Mouth, Future, Rufus Blaq, and a wide variety of local and regional artist. Opened concerts for Lil Wayne, The Game, Trina, Yuk Mouth, Kevin Gates, and Spice 1. Analogous to Malcolm X, he began using his life experiences in a new way that was not possible earlier in his career. While not being impetuous and “up for anything”, he has not lost his street sense and youthful energy but has added a sense of musical maturity and forward vision coined “Forever 30”. Old enough to have meaningful life experiences but young enough to adapt to the environment and stay relevant. Bryan has rebranded his musical career to the moniker MK78. During the transition Bryan went through a sabbatical like period where he detoxed his body, went drug free and rededicated his attention to his musical career. MK78 became committed to “rollin with it” and becoming open to incorporate new influences in order to expand his style and enter new musical genres Unorthodox, out the box, and unafraid of being a trailblazer, his music is artistically courageous yet intellectual and intuitive. A musical chameleon. Youngstown, Ohio and its gritty hard working yet gangster history sets the background for his musical experiences. Geographically located in the heart of the heart of the U.S., Youngstown is a melting pot for the east coast and west coast styles with a few dashes of funk and R and B. MK78 music has a hard edge but the added melodies, themes, and hooks makes the sound widely appealing. The music is sincere and true to the game while being catchy and easy to listen to. MK78 has been on his grind and experimenting with different styles of music like EDM and testing it in front of live audiences. He has received a positive response from a performance at Coast to Coast in January of 2016 and is preparing for a new single release (I get f**ked up) that is expected to help redefine his artistic range Additionally MK78 social presence is being revamped with a new website, FB page and Instagram that will feature several videos and documentary footage. MK78’s plans are simply to create music, formulate a supportive team, and perform as much as possible. When asked what his goals were he responded; “THE ONLY GOAL IS TO MAKE GREAT MUSIC”. What I have learned is that trying to satisfy a certain genre or people is immature and limiting. I have grown to understand that if I stay true to develop myself as a person and a man , I know it will be positively reflected it the music

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