I'm a humble funny guy with Personalty I love all kinds of music like Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno, Orchestra, Rock. Everything point blank Favorite music i like listening to is Final Fantasy has my mind in another world. but yea I'm was born in New York City but was raised in Middletown New York

 witch is upstate. When i first got involved into music i was around 6 or 8 not fully sure but my step dad Eric Martin had a Program on his computer called Fruity Loops. He was letting know me what it does that i can make beats off this. So i was pretty interested cause i always had melodies in my head that are original. As time goes on playing with this program had me grow and learn more on how music is created. Eventually when i got older around 16 I’ve moved down south to Virginia Beach witch expand my mind and meeting new people. Around that time I invested into my first home studio working on beats and vocals now. then as time went on i wanted more then invested into a camera when i turned 18 started out as a freelance photography & videography thanks to a mentor of my Jeff Brigham he enhanced my skill to another level. later down the road at a BBQ i went to shoot Photos at i meet another great mentor of mine Frank Nitty he helped me learn myself fully and be more independent. witch had me working at a real studio for my first time. Building relationships with a lot of talent from different states. On my free time i would write music but cut down on making beats cause i did so much. Didn’t really release music cause i wanted my first impression on my music to be strong every time. So to everyone who checks my pages out tell me honest what you think trust me its not going to bother me at all to me its all LOVE. I’m always down for a adventure you can see some of my adventures at www.youtube.com/dafreshexperince ya welcome to join if you like doing funny skits 🙂

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